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THE FIRST EVER Signed Animated Restoration of a playing card!

A signed torn playing card comes to life and visually restores itself, right before their eyes.

You take a signed playing card and it is openly and fairly torn in half. Then, right in front of their eyes the two halves magically cling to each other, desperate to be together again. The torn halves of the playing card (with signatures showing) are restored unevenly.

The torn half comes to life and visually SLIDES across to restore itself. This happens inches from your spectator's eyes, so they see the card come to life and start to repair itself. It's an insane moment that gets amazing reactions from the spectators. 

Once the playing card has restored itself, you then can instantly hand it over to the spectator to keep.

• No Threads and no Elastics
• Extremely Easy to Perform
• No-Palm Handlings
• SLIDE a Signed Playing Card
• SLIDE any Bank Note
• SLIDE a Business CardResets in Seconds 
• Includes Mis-Made Cards

You can restore the signed card into a mis-made crazy object, then just give it away as a souvenir! This crazy playing card is a great keepsake and a reminder of the magic for your spectators.