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Countless Pros have tried every conceivable "Card to Wallet" out there and almost always end up using The Mullica Wallet.  It's just hard to improve on perfection.

You don't even need a deck!  With Paul Harris' routine, you just borrow an ID card, and a moment later it's inside the zipped compartment of your back-pocket wallet!

Our new sleek black leather worker's edition includes credit card slots, clear ID window and paper money section.  It also features a special touch from Tommy Wonder:  A gleaming gold zipper on the black leather that focuses all attention on the unzipped moment of astonishment.   Even Paul Harris' video guy, Joe Russell, keeps a hip pocket Mullica in his back pocket.

"Of all the cool magic I've shot for Paul, this is my absolute favorite.  I've put all my normal wallet stuff into the Mullica and use it as my everyday wallet."

Super easy to do.  No palming!

Includes Paul Harris' own Mullica wallet routines: 

  • Signed card to wallet
  • License to astonish
  • Whack your pack
  • Flash fold: Where a signed business card appears folded inside your wallet.

No Palming!
No folding moves!
Starring your favorite DVD host, Joe Russell.

Highest quality custom-made black leather wallet

The Super Slim Hip Pocket Mullica.

Built to Last.  Designed to Astonish.