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INK- Mickael Chatelain and Paul Harris

A flawless piece of astonishment art featuring an exquisite method that's as heart-stopping as the effect.
Using a normal Sharpie Marker, write a prediction on the clear cellophane of the card case. Tragically, it's the wrong card.

Everyone stares at the INK on the cellophane. For a moment, nothing happens. Then, like some kind of weird dream, the INK begins to slowly creep and glide along the cellophane. The animated INK gradually re-shapes itself into the correct card!


You actually see the black ink stretch and get longer in some areas, and shrink and contract in others as it visibly morphs into the correct prediction.

A spectator can then immediately rub their fingers over the transformed INK to erase the writing, once again leaving the clear unmarked cellophane. Right after that, you can hand out the case for examination. It's just a normal case!
No special inks or chemicals. Easily adapts to other numbers, letters or images. Use as your normal card case for other effects. Resets in 10 seconds. Works with red Bicycle Rider Back and Mandolin Back decks.