New Hawk Handling Tips

by Janet Harris on July 26, 2013

We have magician Michael Wood to thank for these.


1) The gimmick can be attached to a playing card with two small pieces of tape, one at the top end, one at the bottom end. This will allow the chosen card to slide into the now modified gimmick. Once the gimmick does its thing, you simply slide the card out of the gimmick and hand it out for inspection. This will ensure there is absolutely no sticky stuff lingering. I would highly recommend using the suggestion made by Patrick Wolford in the additional handling notes on the website if using this option.


2) Set the gimmick up so that the "action" side of the gimmick is on the left hand side. Also, place a small piece of double stick tape to the back of the gimmick. Place the gimmick somewhere towards the bottom of the deck. Have a spectator select a card, and replace it in the deck. Control selected card to the middle, and control the gimmick to directly below the selected card. Perform a left to right table spread.

The gimmick will trigger, causing one card in a face-up spread, to instantly pop into a face-down card under zero cover. Because of the double stick tape on the back side, the selected card will not be visible in the spread. It will be stuck to the back of the gimmick. Collect the spread and tilt it slightly up (faces toward you. ) In the act of collecting and squaring, push the gimmick off of the card with your left thumb. While simultaneously allowing the now gimmickless selected card to fall face down onto the table. direct the spectator to flip it over. Voila! An instant , super visual , no hands on deck reversal of a selected card. It's almost like the invisible deck on steroids.


These tips are for The Hawk gimmick.