by Janet Harris on July 26, 2013

Hello Everyone!

Here are a few questions and answers regarding LIttle Man. As we get more, the list will be added to.

Also, I have just been informed that before Little Man is released, there will be a professionally made demo with audience reaction, for those who have been asking.


Q. Can the clay be molded into any shape with feet? Say -- a mouse? Perhaps the spec can mix up four pieces of paper and lay them out side by side. The mouse stops at one of the pieces. When turned over, it's the only one with a drawing of cheese on it? Not as creepy, granted...but if the clay can be modeled into other things, the potential is there for some really wild stuff.
A. You can mold the clay into any shape you want, keeping in mind that the shape/legs have to be able to handle the basic walking action.
Q. In the ads for Little Man, it says that extra clay is included. If the clay ultimately becomes soiled due to use, is it easily replaceable, either through magic dealers or regular stores?
A. The clay is normal and very easily available, very cheap modeling dough available from Michaels etc. Will also offer it for sale from the site.
Q. Does the Little Man have to be dressed or can he be totally naked? (i.e., just the clay without putting the torn pieces of card). The heart doesn't bother me, but could this be clay too?
A. We will be including a naked little man presentation...where everything is just clay visually.
Q. So nothing is taken away from the LM after he stops walking and I can immediately hand him as a gift --
and if they did pick it apart, would not have a clue of the secret?
Seeing that you say the dog can eat it -- and it is too funny to see your dog grab the LM at the end of your video -- I only ask from the years of buying magic that sometimes copy is "tricky " to decode and sometimes videos do not show some of the awkward or needed moves that in real life might not be as smooth as what is shown.
A. Nothing is taken from LM and you can hand him out after the effect. There is no metal in the clay, in LM.
Nothing will be found in LM and the dog CAN actually eat the clay because it is nontoxic (not recommended)
Q. I asked if one can go to any table at any time and perform this. Since you mentioned the bag and the supplies, I then have to assume that the entire piece is built into the supplies and thus portable to work on any surface, even the hard ground or a glass table, or block of ice in an outdoor event. Correct? I sometimes work on a polished metal table. Now this is important for me, will being on stainless steel table have any issues with the walking or will I have to put down something over it? For my needs I have to be sure the LM contains no metal and the LM props can be portable and not stick to a metal surface.
A. You can go to any hard surface and perform LM. The effect is contained in the items shown.
Regarding the stainless steel table, I contacted our engineer, and he said it works.
Q. I can use my business card for the effect, correct?
A. Yes, you can use your own business card to tear up.
Q. Are there any chance of anything breaking or needing to be replaced where I have to purchase from you? I am not talking about the clay. You have stated any clay can be used. That is great. I am asking about longevity of the gimmick and if there are consumables. If something does break, is there a warranty?
A. I was told that it is warranted against manufacturing defects. If you stomp on it or abuse it, that isn't covered, but if it stops working, we will replace it. The only consumables would be the flash paper and matches.
Q. Will I be able to change the bag if it gets damaged over time? Do I have to use black? If I wanted to have a
corporate logo or something that looks like, say, a birthday theme or some other theme other than BLACK, am I limited to using the supplied bag or can I swap out the bag?
I have had some accidents in the past with paper
products, so think that it is possible the bag gets damaged.
A. The bag is made of very durable washable heavy plastic. So it should last forever. You can also stick your own labels on the bag. With a little work, you could also adapt your own bag...if it has the right texture for easy walking.
Plus we'll offer replacement bags.
Q. Is there any tv performance restrictions?
A. No TV restrictions. There will definitely be some presentations in the dvd that will make this about the performer's relationship with a spectator.
Q. Can Play-Doh be used instead of the clay?
A. Most kind of clays, putty's, etc will work. Depending on weight and texture and stickiness, you will have to experiment with the components to get everything working right. The dough we use though is recommended. We will be providing clay on our site, but it is something you can get at a toy store or a place like Michael's.


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