Little Man Contest winners!

by Janet Harris on July 26, 2013

Little Man Contest Winners

Thank you everyone for sending me over 200 entries for the Little Man contest!

This was very difficult to pick out a single winner among all the creative entries out there. And, in fact, the winning name was submitted several times by several different people on both the Magic Cafe and at the Paul Harris Presents website. So I had to get very technical to make sure the winner complied with the rules and had to pick the very first person with that name who complied with all the rules.

The first rule was to submit the name to me at the PHP website starting Oct. 24th and was only open to those who pre-ordered Little Man. So names that were not submitted to me, only posted at the Magic Café, could not count. Also, if you had not pre-ordered Little Man at the start of the contest, you were not eligible. Then on Oct. 26th we decided to open it up to everyone. So after that date, all entries sent to me at the PHP website were considered official entries.

So enough of all that. The winner of the Little Man Contest sent on Oct. 27th is…drum roll, please …
Nathan Penlington of London, U.K. , and the official name of Little Man is...
John Dough

The second person to comply with the rules with the same name, John Dough, is Dovie Kivman, sent to me on Nov. 10th. Dovie will receive a free effect from the PHP Shop for that oh-so-close entry.

Please read on for Most Creative Patter, Most Intelligent Names, Honorable Mention Names, Best Poem, and Best Names from the Café. Even though there are no prizes
for these efforts, I thought they were too good to keep to myself.
Thank you all again for such a creative mass effort!

Janet Harris a.k.a.,The Astonishment Goddess

PS. If I missed another John Dough submitted at the PHP site after Oct. 26, please email me a copy of your email with the date sent, and I will send you a free effect, too.

From Sebby He

Dead Man Walking
(to go along with the patter of how by using a vodoo doll
(little man gimmick), a dead man spirit was brought to life in the vodoo doll)

To start the trick, have the little clay doll already set, use patter about how a prisoner who was in the arts of vodoo decided that although he was to be put to death, that his soul will live on in a clay heart, and on a specific date (use any date ) when placed on a little vodoo doll, the doll will come to life. To add to the effect, the date can be forced by using a deck of cards.

From Andrew Webb:

Titus.... (from the Greek word Titan, τιτανος, signifying white earth, clay or gypsum, and the belief that the Titans were "white clay men")
Ninhursag.. (from the Babylonian goddess who created humans from clay)
Ben... Bentonite is a type of clay

From Rod Shipley:

1. Edison- Thomas Edison was an amazing inventor as well as produced the first claymation film
2. Bert- Bert Lahr-played the cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz and was missing a heart to reach his full potential
**CORRECTION. The Tin Man played by Jack Haley was missing a heart; the Cowardly Lion was lacking courage.
3. Wayans- Keenan and Shawn Wayans are responsible for the movie Little Man

From Sam Weiss

1: Sir Martin Lethal (Anagram for Harris' Little Man)
2: Vue Dewman (Pronounced Voo Doo Man)
3: Paul Walkman

From Arthur Martello:

These are both related to Wilhelm Reich, author of “Little Man”. Orgone, being the invisible energy or force behind all observable phenomena. Thought they would tie in nicely with the theme of an inanimate object coming to life.

From Paul Brown:

I would like to submit 3 names for consideration:
Firstly "Saul", comes from the Latin Saulus meaning "big". It's closely related to the name Paul from Paulus which means "small".
Secondly "Adam", as the effect is shaping clay into your own image and then breathing life into it, the name from the first man seems somewhat appropriate! Plus if it's a girl there's an easy counterpart....
Lastly "Dedi", as Dedi was said to have known Thoth, the god of magic, and gave the first recorded royal command performance before Cheops in Egypt C1700BC. And it sounds cool!


From Brian Kralik:

1. Plato
2. 7 (or Seven) - 7 seconds to animate, 7 steps,and a living tribute to Mickey Mantle and pop culture
3. Trey:
There once was a boy named Trey
Whose body was made of clay
He couldn't move or start,
Until someone made his heart,
Then he got up and walked away.


From Evan Era:
-Walker (for obvious reasons)
-Kane (who was damned to walk the earth in Kung Fu)
-Oscar (just because he looks like an Oscar.)

From Steve Freedman:
Cesto! (dough in Slovak)

From John Kardel:
Van Dough (Instead of putting a heart on him, wonder if you can add an ear?)

From Nadeem--Jayson
Dr. Dough-little (had several of these, but I loved it)
Silly Buddy
Mr. Mo Shaun (motion)


From Vern (VcosNJ in the Magic Cafe)

1) Clayborn
2) Putty Buddy
3) Art

From Kevin Rutter and Greg Arce on the Magic Café

The whole time you use his name Cassius. At the end give his full name: "Cassius Clay"
Get a huge grin fromeveryone and another neat addition to the patter!
Of course, you can then say he changed his name to MUD-hamed Ali...


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