Little Man News 11/20/2009

by Janet Harris on July 26, 2013

Hello everyone

Trying to clear up some questions and misconceptions about Little Man that have been posted, but I can certainly sympathize with some of them. It's been a very long wait for Little Man and Paul admits it was a mistake to release this until it was in the warehouse and ready to ship.

Some of you mentioned hearing about this not being real or not working. A year or so ago there was a rough model that was being shown around that had a lot of things that needed to be refined. Over the year all of the issues have been resolved... the final version of the effect you receive will be perfect in every aspect. Of course, my brother is not going to ruin his reputation by releasing an expensive item that doesn't work.

Will have a rough home-made demo up in a few weeks. Hope that this puts the rumors to rest and gives you all reason to be happy and glad about the coming release of this truly brilliant piece of astonishment.

Janet Harris a.k.a. The Astonishment Goddess


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