by Janet Harris on July 26, 2013

Here's a great tip for Titan's Finger from Piz from the Magic Cafe

BTW, I found a way of making this even look better, absolutely real! Think Vaseline. (Or Chapstick.) Those who own this should understand.

Rub a small amount on the middle palm on the hand in which you will not be twisting the finger. Very easy to apply during the twist, works itself! Gives a GREAT gloss to the nail on the twisted finger! VERY easy to rub off without any funny moves and just one rub takes the gloss off. This is an awesome effect, very pleased!

P.S. Another way to apply... simply dab a little amount on the twisted finger (nail) before the effect. Don't want to say too much due to exposure, but those who own this get the point. I am going out and buying me a travel size vaseline just for this effect. Superb!

Thanks, Piz!



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