by Janet Harris on July 26, 2013

Darryl Vanamburg agreed to share his method for instantly re-setting strip. Darryl simply uses a pk ring (or other similar size magnet)and strokes it along the bottom of the Strip container..and it instantly resets for the hair trigger release. For an even faster reset, mount the magnet in a pocket. At the end of your Strip effect put the container in your pocket..right against the magnet. Then as you pull out the Strip container for your next performance it automatically resets as you slide it off the magnet.

Great idea Darryl!

Janet Harris (AG)

PS And John Shaw just sent me the same method today!

Yes, indeed, this is a great instant re-set Idea. literally set to go the second you slide the listerine container off the magnet leaving the magnet behind in your pocket.
I actually recommend sticking the bottom of the container to the magnet with the magnet repelling against the magnet of the slider inside the Strip (Listerine) container as opposed to the magnets atracting to each other.
This will avoid a weird double sliding action of the fake Strip slider when you reset it.
Play around with this, taking it in and out of your pocket resetting each time to get the simple knack of it. Or resettng it through the pocket with the container on the outer side of the pocket and sliding the container along the magnet through the pants. Place it in your pocket with the lid facing down when re-setting, Tthis will allow gravity to work with you when you pull it out of your pocket preventing it from premature activation exposure of the bill/card piece inside, etc.
After playing around with this, I tested it at my 3 hour restaurant gig this evening,proving that it is instantly ready for performance at the very next table.
Being the close-up stroller that I am, It was key to have it re-set without having to re-set it in 5 to 10 seconds, Now it feels as if there really is no reset.
It resets on its own with this simple but instant method.
I performed this effect at 14 tables this evening using the torn invisible card idea with the spectator flicking the container an inch to reveal the small piece in the container.
Then the spec opens the lid and pulls out the small torn piece and it's a perfect match, solving the mystery puzzle.
I honestly killed with this, putting my own spin on it.
This is a simple effect, but very direct and magical to the audience.
I give this effect a great thumbs up as it has made its way into my performances.
The reactions are fantastic, when you involve the audience and allow them to take part in actually doing something which Strip allows them to do.
I think that alone speaks for itself.

You should have seen the many face expressions on everyone's faces when their own spouse/friend flicked the container causing the piece to appear inside.
It is always a priceless feeling as a magical performer to see this. And this is a simple direct way to achieve it.
My excuse for bringing the Strip out is ---None, I do not have one.
If you do, this is not normal. Because whenever your friends bring out a Listerine container and slap a strip on their tongue, they never say "Oh, hey, I have to eat this strip thing here and watch me do it",.. they just do it.
So, all you need to do is bring it out on the off beat. The off beat for me that has been tested in my live performances is the moment after they selected the card, I tell them to show it around to everyone -- except for me, of course.
At this moment I casually take out my Listerine and pretend (mime) eating a strip.
I then place the container on to the table, And now it is casually in play and ready to astonish them.
I highly recommend this.

Just my two cents.

Darryl Vanamburg