Update on releases

by Janet Harris on July 23, 2013

Here is my latest update concerning the releases.

Little Man:

All the literally hundreds of manufacturing details on the little clay guy are just about wrapped up. Hoping for December release. The demo is still at least a month away. Yep, another busted "dead line" in the name of Little Man perfection. He's warming up with little push ups and leg stretches to get ready for his first public walk.

In a nut shell: Paul is pushing every available button to get everything finished as quickly as possible. But, of course, he will not sign off on anything until he's satisfied with all aspects of the effect. Feel free to make disparaging remarks about his product-release schedule guessing skills. I'm putting them all into a special file and will present them to Paul as a little gift.
So there we have it yet again.
As always, Paul and I deeply appreciate your relentless patience on all of this. Strip is already out the door.
Hand out 500 is about a week a way.
Two down and two to go!
Will post again as soon as we have some actual solid release dates that you can count on.
Please contact me if you have any other questions about anything!

Janet Harris

(Paul Harris Presents Web Mistress and Astonishment Goddess)